ATORN high-perf. drill, SC TiAlN, HPC 20xD 12.0 mm x 12 mm x 315 mm HA internal

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For HPC deep-hole boring up to a strength of 1300 N/mm².

  • High-performance deep hole drill, solid carbide TiAlN
  • 4 drill heels
  • Four grinding faces
  • 30° spiral angle
  • Straight main cutting edge

  • very good all-round properties and precise cutting performance with high cutting rates
  • unique, extremely hard, low-friction, temperature-resistant and form-fitting TiAlN coating ensures a longer service life
  • Cutting edge preparation minimises micro-fractures on the cutter
  • the entire range is coordinated in terms of angle and diameter

Technical data

Cutting edge diameter: 12,00 mm
Tolerance of cutting edge diameter: h7
Cutting material: VHM
Surface: TiAlN
Max. drilling depth (D): 20xD
Coolant supply: Internal
Tool holding device: HA parallel shank
Angle of the tip: 135 Degree
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Chip flute length: 268 mm
Length: 315 mm
f steel 1000: 0,15 mm/r
DIN: 0 - not applicable

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